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The biggest screenwriting contest that gives the opportunity to 2 lucky people each year to become professional screenwriters.

Choose the genre you look and participate in the contest.

Write down your idea, turn it into a screenplay and see it on the big screen.

Stage 1

Write down your main idea up to 10 pages.

If your idea is selected, you will receive instructions for the second and final stage.

You can participate in the first stage of the contest up to 07/01/2020.



• The contest is open to professional or amateur writers of all ages.

• Participation in the contest constitutes permission to use the names of the winners as well as their photographs for publicity and advertising purposes.

• Each participant can send up to 4 proposals regardless of genre.

• A basic prerequisite for participating in the contest is for the scripts to not have been filmed or distinguished in other contests. Moreover, they must not have been under consideration in previous contests unless substantial changes have been made and they have been copyrighted anew.


The screenplays are graded with the following pointing system:

5 points for originality


5 points for handling the subject matter

5 points for dramaturgy and plot

5 points for character development

5 points for dialogue


The 2 winners will sign a contract with the company to produce the film.